JLT's Lebecq named CEO at London Market Group

London Market Group (LMG) has appointed Clare Lebecq as CEO. Lebecq, who will take on the role on a permanent basis, will start on November 1 and replaces Chris Beazley, who will return to MS Amlin as CEO of its Swiss reinsurance operation at the end of August. During this intervening period, the LMG’s agenda will continue to be overseen by the board sponsors with progress driven by the LMG team alongside the well supported workstream SteerCo’s. Lebecq will join a small group of women with high profile roles in the London Market, along with the likes of soon-to-depart Lloyd's CEO Inga Beale. Andrew Horton, chairman of the LMG, commented: “We are delighted that Clare is joining us and her understanding the market – both operationally and from a distribution perspective, will provide the leadership and drive to help take our growth and modernisation work forward. “Chris has done a tremendous job over the last two years, including the successful launch of the London Makes It Possible campaign to articulate why businesses should look to London for their insurance, and the active engagement with government and Parliament to ensure the market’s position is well understood through the Brexit process.” Lebecq said: “The LMG has become a strong force for cross market collaboration and action to resolve challenges faced by all market participants. Its ability to speak with one voice on vital issues such as the UK’s withdrawal from Europe and making London a more efficient place to do business has meant that there has been real progress in many areas. "I am delighted to be taking over from Chris, building on the great work he has led, and working with the market to help London maintain and build on its position as the undisputed global market for specialty commercial re/insurance.” Lebecq is currently operations director at JLT Speciality. In his new role with the LMG, Lebecq will inherit a full roster of issues to work on when she takes over. Her predecessor recently spoke at Reactions’ London Market Conference in June, where he highlighted the need for innovation and collaboration as key to the survival of the London Market. Beazley also said that programmes such as PPL and the new ILS legislation examples of the success the City can enjoy when it works together. “My vision of the future is one where clients, brokers and underwriters spend more time together to think about risk differently and possible solutions,” he continued. “A key part of that collaboration is having market leaders that are prepared to stand up and be counted. All our work is driven by a board of market leaders and each work stream is led by a market sponsor so that what we do remains deeply rooted in the markets best interest.” He also highlighted the issue of resistance to change, and modernisation practices in the market. Lebecq will have her hands full when she takes over the reins in Autumn.

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