Thomas Miller buys divisions of Zeller Associates

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Thomas Miller is acquiring the managing general agency and insurance services operations of Zeller Associates Zeller Associates is a provider of risk related and insurance services mainly for the shipping, trade and transport industries. It also operates in areas such as the cruise and tourism industry. It is made up of six operational businesses covering a diverse range of areas. Headquartered in Hamburg, the operations employ 37 people. The company has six separate operative units: an insurance and reinsurance underwriting and placing unit, under Zaris; an insurance management for pools and captives unit, under the Zeller Associates Management Services brand; Zeller Associates Consulting, a runoff business; an international unit, ACES, covering claims handling and loss adjusting and a second international unit, ZASS International, focusing on recoveries/subrogation, debt collection and salvage sale services. “The acquisition of these businesses’ specialist expertise across a broad range of marine transport related insurance services is an excellent and complementary addition to the Thomas Miller Group,” said Hugo Wynn Williams, chairman, Thomas Miller. Harald Zeller, chairman at Zeller Associates, says: “We are delighted to be joining Thomas Miller at this exciting time in its development. We have common values and vision for the future with our businesses playing an important role in Thomas Millers future growth strategy.”

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