Hurricane Nate (AL16)

Hurricane Nate made its first U.S. landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River at around 00:00 UTC on Sunday October 8 (19:00 CDT on Saturday October 7) as a Category 1 hurricane, with maximum sustained wind speeds of 85 mph (140 km/hr). Nate made a second U.S. landfall near Biloxi, Mississippi, at around 05:30 UTC (00:30 CDT) as a Category 1 hurricane, with maximum sustained wind speeds of 85 mph (140 km/hr). Initial damage assessments indicate property damage is not extensive, with damage mainly due to downed trees and storm surge inundation in some coastal areas . Heavy rain from Nate has caused significant damage to property in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. Nate has now been downgraded to a tropical depression and is currently moving through the Tennessee Valley, bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to the Appalachians and the Ohio Valley region. Impacts (as of 09:00 UTC on Monday October 9) . Initial damage assessments suggest that the impacts of Nate are not severe, with some minor property damage reported across Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and some storm surge inundation in Mississippi and Alabama. According to the Governor of Louisiana, the state has been spared of major damage. More than 87,000 customers were without power in Alabama and around 45,000 were without power in Mississippi. As of October 9, around 50,000 homes and businesses across Alabama and Mississippi are still without power. Prior to impacting the U.S., heavy rains from Nate caused significant flooding in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. Media reports suggest the storm has caused severe damage to homes and infrastructure throughout the region.

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