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  • Will COVID-19 make or break pandemic models?

    The uncertainties around pandemic modelling are daunting, catastrophists admit.

  • Securing assets in a dangerous time

    The pandemic has been perilous for financial markets but has not been without opportunities, say the CIOs of Sompo International and Sun Life Financial.

  • How COVID-19 might affect ILS take-up

    The way investors responded previously in uncertain times may provide a view of what’s to come.

  • Unexpected headwinds hit MENA

    COVID-19 and collapsing oil prices beset the Middle East insurance market.

  • Rollercoaster ride

    COVID-19 has made the job of the insurance company CIO exceptionally challenging as they navigate the current financial landscape.

  • COVID-19: More civil unrest ahead in LatAm?

    While the Latin American insurance market may not suffer as many insured losses as in other parts of the globe, the socioeconomic stakes are high.

  • Construction conundrum

    COVID-19 set to delay and mothball some projects, but price hardening will continue.

  • BI dangers lurk for carriers

    Increased scrutiny of wordings threaten unintended claims payouts.

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