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  • Muni bonds represent a compelling source of yield for insurers

    Insurers are still hunting for yield and the US municipal bond market may provide an interesting and capital-efficient solution.

  • R&Q’s Accredited Surety and Casualty builds for the future

    Randall & Quilter’s US insurance company has set a course for growth across America with new licenses and product development, and here they highlight what the next steps are for the firm.

  • US run-off ready to rise

    The last couple of years has seen a return to strength in the European run-off market and new regulations have left many hopeful that the industry will now take off in the US.

  • Undiscovered diseases can shut hospitals

    Pandemic outbreaks have the ability to shut hospitals, but the insurance industry has the resources to help them stay open and reduce the risks.

  • Testing the nightmare scenario

    The recent ‘London Market Looks Ahead’ report helped insurers rehearse their response to multiple catastrophes, but raised as many questions as it did answers.

  • US construction boom looming

    Potential new infrastructure investment in the US may lead to a rising number of construction projects coming on line, and the insurance industry is preparing to take advantage.

  • US on verge of regulatory rollback

    President Donald Trump has emerged as anti-regulation, and while non-life insurance is not in his crosshairs, the insurance market as a whole may benefit from his pro-business stance.

  • Seeking investment return in a volatile world

    The political uncertainty experienced in 2016 looks set to continue in 2017, however insurers who can provide flexibility to their asset managers can position themselves to take advantage of the market volatility that this will inevitably create.

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