COMMENT: New venue for the Rendez-Vous?

COMMENT: New venue for the Rendez-Vous?

I am thrilled to report that the Rendez-Vous de Septembre could soon have an exciting, new venue: Monaco.

No, not the boring old Monaco that is hefted to the south of France: this is a brand new, floating Monaco. According to a report in the Guardian newspaper a Derby shipbuilder has drawn up plans to build a cruise ship that is also a replica of, well, Monaco.

Called the Streets of Monaco, the 155m yacht has a replica of the casino and the Hotel de Paris as well as a go-kart sized version of the Grand Prix circuit. Imagine the look on brokers’ faces when they see that!

But the concept has practical advantages as well doesn’t it? It means the Monte-Carlo Rendez-Vous could be held around the world - or even in neutral waters.

But there are two places it must never be held. There are obvious dangers of cruising in the pirate infested waters of Somalia and the potential for the entire senior management of the reinsurance industry to be kidnapped and held ransom.

But neither should it be off the coast of Monte Carlo itself. That would be too confusing.

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