The February 2011 issue of Reactions

The February 2011 issue of Reactions

The February 2011 issue of Reactions is now online. Below is a selection of articles from the issue. Click on the headlines to view.

The cover story is a comprehensive round-up of what happened to reinsurance rates at the January 1 2011 reinsurance renewals, including discussion of trends such as the effect impending risk model changes are having. We also include comprehensive data from reinsurance brokers’ reports giving rate change figures by region and business line.

The issue also includes a Bermuda special report, analysing the challenges facing the island’s insurance and reinsurance firms and asking why some firms have chosen to re-domicile from Bermuda recently.

In other features, we reveal which insurance, reinsurance and broking stocks equity analysts are tipping to perform the best this year, analyse the increasingly heated debate over proposals to radically overhaul insurance accounting standards, and interview Michael McGavick, CEO of XL Group.


ANALYSIS: Reinsurance renewals de-briefing
Global reinsurance rates fell as much as 10% at January 1. Worse still, some believe a market turn is three years away. We analyse the biggest talking points from the renewals, such as impending risk model changes.


The IASB/FASB accounting standards
Insurers are supposed to get a new set of accounting standards by 2013. Industry groups are worried the process is being rushed, however, and could leave the industry in a worse state than before.

2011 insurance and reinsurance stock picks
One prominent US executive believes insurance stocks stink. However, equity analysts believe some firms will come out of 2011 smelling of roses.

Risk managers discuss Solvency II in Dublin
Reactions held its Insurance and Capital Management Conference in Dublin. Solvency II, the expanding role of the risk function, equivalence and ERM were high on the minds of CROs and others.

PROFILE: Michael McGavick gets XL Group back to its best
Michael McGavick has led an impressive turnaround at XL Group since he took over with the insurance and reinsurance firm in crisis. He explains how he did it, what lies in store for XL and what he thinks about AIG.


Bermuda Market Report: Setting sail
Bermuda used to be the go-to place for reinsurance firms: so why are companies starting to leave?

Why (re)insurance firms are re-domiciling
Some insurance and reinsurance firms are moving their holding companies off Bermuda and elsewhere and moving to Europe. But this trend is not all about tax.


Legal Analysis: The end of gender-based pricing in insurance?
A revolution in insurance pricing may be round the corner if the EU follows the opinion of a Belgian court on gender-based pricing.

View From The Top: Flagstone Re's David Brown  
Flagstone Re's CEO on the challenges faced by Bermuda reinsurers since 2005. More


Starting 2011 in optimistic mood
US insurance executives seem in bullish mood heading into 2011 but their mood may darken as the year goes on, says Reactions editor Michael Loney.

Boldly going where the industry has never gone before
Has the US property/casualty industry changed its ways? According to a recent report, it has and can now look forward to an era of good returns, says Reactions editor Michael Loney.

Munich, a new home of innovation?
With Munich Re following through on its plan to set up an industry-wide energy facility in response to Deepwater Horizon, is the insurance and reinsurance industry about to enter time of greater innovation, asks Reactions European editor Adrian Ladbury.

Whole lot of shaking going on
Reactions’ contributing editor Garry Booth asks what lessons the insurance industry can take away from 2010’s catastrophe events. 

New venue for the Rendez-Vous? 
Insurance and reinsurance executives will be interested to learn that a plan has been floated to build a replica of Monaco, says Reactions’ contributing editor Garry Booth.


RISKbitz: Tardis Re redomiciles to late-1980s Bermuda 
Tardis Re chief executive Dr Who has confirmed that the board of directors has agreed to relocate the reinsurer's holding company. 

RISKbitz: G4's latest risk report highlights danger of risks
The Global Group of Global Groups (G4) has released its latest report, "Big, Scary Risks 2011", which identifies the biggest, scariest risks the world faces in the run-up to the annual meeting of world leaders at Daftos.

RISKbitz: WikiReLeeks publishes embarrassing emails
A series of embarrassing emails have been released by Swansea-based WikiReLeeks that appear to show a number of sensible comments by some of the leading lights in the re/insurance industry.

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