CRO Risk Forum foreword: The chief risk officer comes of age

CRO Risk Forum foreword: The chief risk officer comes of age

It has been a long time coming – but the chief risk officer role seems to have finally, quietly come of age. Although enterprise risk management pioneer James Lam first coined the CRO title over 20 years ago when he was at Fidelity Investments, acceptance of a C-level executive with responsibility for risk oversight was not widespread until recently.

Today, virtually all insurance and reinsurance companies have created a full-time CRO position; indeed many non-insurance industry corporations now have a CRO. More important, the job has evolved and, as Zurich’s Axel Lehmann explains in these pages, its profile lifted significantly following the financial crisis in 2008.

The biggest post crisis issue for insurers in Europe is Solvency II – and CROs are centre stage here, guiding their companies through a difficult process of reform, which as Scor’s Phillipe Trainar explains, will transform insurance into an industry of the future. As Lehmann says in his interview, nowadays any company that is serious about having a comprehensive risk view from an independent position is probably moving to a set up where a CRO has direct board access.

Insurance company CROs are increasing in number and gaining in influence – and they are getting organised. The North American CRO Council launched recently under the chairmanship of Michael Mahaffey, CRO of Nationwide. A grouping of CROs at the continent’s biggest insurance corporations, the Council will provide an important forum for ERM related issues to be discussed.

But the Council will have a broad agenda, he promises, and won’t ‘simply move the ball around without scoring any goals’.

CROs certainly have a lot of issues to work with, from regulatory reforms to emerging risks. Recent natural catastrophes have revealed complex accumulation exposures for insurers (and their clients), for example. CROs like Munich Re’s Jo Oechslin are responding with new ideas for dealing with complex risk that go beyond rigid risk management.

CROs in financial institutions are no longer boxed in by risk control. Their remit has widened and as Samir Shah, CRO of Chartis explains, risk management can now be seen as a basis for competition.

So while it is a challenging time to be a CRO, the valuable insights contained in these pages reveal that CROs are not simply reacting to events – they are also turning them into opportunities.

Garry Booth, CRO Risk Forum editor and Reactions contributing editor  

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