Download IDA Summit presentations

Download IDA Summit presentations

The presentations from the Insurance and Data Analytics Summit held in New York on April 25 are available for free download. The conference was held by Reactions and data standards provider Acord.

 You can also view a video summary of the event here.

 Click on the presentation title to download.


Big Data: Hype or Reality?

Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Non-transactional data is flooding in from the web and other third party sources. Adding that to your transactional data, the expense of growing data warehouses, and the need to access and make sense of all of it, how do we find effective and inexpensive ways to harness the data and keep it live and accessible forever at a low cost? The concept of Big Data is so new that we don’t have case studies yet--but this presentation provides you with guidance on how to think about it and where to turn for information.


Big Data Strategy and Execution

Ajay Bhargava, Director – Analytics, Big Data, Tata Consultancy Services


Reinsurance eTrading

Mitch Balter, Executive Managing Director, Aon Benfield

Gary Stropoli, CFO, Munich Health North America

Shawn Sylvester, Senior Vice President, Swiss Reinsurance America

This panel of distinguished reinsurance executives discussed the business value of reinsurance eTrading and explain the scope of the initiative including Claims, Technical and financial accounting messages, catastrophe exposure messages and standardized cedent bordereau. They shared reinsurer and broker case studies and cite efficiencies gained.


IBM Lunchtime Presentation

Richard Hoehne, Global Insurance Leader, IBM Smarter Analytics


Control Your Exposure Data, Control Your Decisions

Roger Arnemann, Global Consulting and Data Services, RMS

Exposure data quality has become an increasingly important focus for the insurance industry. While portfolio-level assessment tools have allowed companies to gain a better high-level understanding of their data quality, implementing solutions to strengthen decision-making at the point of underwriting and to employ operational best practice remains a significant challenge. In this session, RMS commented on the state of exposure data quality in the primary insurance market, demonstrate specific account-level problems and their significance to the underwriting process, and explain how a variety of solutions can address the data quality challenges faced by insurers.

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