June issue of Reactions now online

June issue of Reactions now online

The June 2012 issue of Reactions, the global insurance and reinsurance publication, is now online.

The issue has a special focus on catastrophe business. We take a look at how insurers, reinsurers and risk modellers have had a re-education on catastrophe risk models as a result of the 2011 natural catastrophes and US and European wind model updates by Risk Management Solutions. The focus also includes a look at how pricing is changing and what to expect from this year’s hurricane season.

In other features, we interview Canopius CEO Inga Beale and ask her what she has been up to since taking over at the Lloyd’s insurer, analyse why the Singapore reinsurance market is now coming into its own, look at Lloyd’s vision for how the market will look in 2025, and question how the run-off market is changing.


Inga Beale makes her mark at Canopius  
Interview: Lloyd’s insurer Canopius has bounced back from a tough 2011 with the hire of Inga Beale as CEO. She has already made her presence known. 


A new view on catastrophe reinsurance   
Feature: Last year’s catastrophes provided a wake-up call for reinsurers about their international exposures. Now they are looking to get paid prices more in line with their new view of risk.

A re-education on catastrophe risk models  
Unexpected catastrophes and last year’s US wind model update from RMS have taught insurance and reinsurance firms and the risk modellers some tough lessons.

Analysis: “Below-average” hurricane season forecast   
This year’s Atlantic hurricane season – which officially starts on June 1 – is expected be quiet when compared to long-term averages. But with NOAA predicting a 24%-42% chance of an intense hurricane making US landfall, insurers and reinsurers cannot relax.


Singapore - Asia’s reinsurance hub  
The meteoric rise of Singapore’s reinsurance market has provoked some fiery accusations from Old World underwriters, especially Lloyd's and London market underwriters disgruntled at getting the dregs of the region’s business.

Lloyd’s guns for emerging markets growth 
Analysis: Lloyd’s unveiled its Vision 2025 last Friday, signalling it is looking to emerging markets in Latin America and Asia to fuel international growth over the next decade and beyond, while seeking to safeguard its London core from regulatory threats.

Perceptions of run-off market changing  
The run-off market is evolving from its former role of primarily dealing with A&E liabilities to a more proactive part of how insurers and reinsurers deal with their liabilities.

Risk innovation's time is now: world leaders 
Feature: Debate among world leaders at the recent 42nd St Gallen Symposium suggested that risk managers and insurers finally have a chance to make their mark. 


How much say does the CRO really have?  
The number of firms that have appointed chief risk officers in recent years has boomed. But a new survey reveals that CROs do not hold much sway at board level.

Re/insurers look to Latin America for growth 
Comment: International insurers and reinsurers have a case of Latin fever, but they should not forget about profits in their lust for growth in the region, says Reactions' managing editor Michael Loney.


Hartford in biggest April capital raising deal 
Data: Insurance-related equity issuance slumped in April. But debt issuance was stronger, with big deals for The Hartford and Aegon.

$2.56bn-worth of insurance M&A in April  
Data: April saw 50 insurance-related M&A deals worth $2.56bn, including deals involving AmWins and Flagstone Re.

Legal Analysis: Multi-supplier CBI losses and aggregation  
Last year's Thai floods threw up a number of legal issues related to reinsurers' contingent business interruption exposures. 


RISKbitz: US head favours legalising broker/insurer marriages    
 The head of the US Security and Change Commission (SCC), Brak O’Bama, has finally come out on the issue of insurance sector marriages by saying he believes a broker and an insurance company should be able to merge. 

RISKbitz: Sir Nobby Johnson accused of “wilful blindness”    
Sir Norbert “Nobby” Johnson is not fit to run a major international company, according to a cross-party parliamentary committee, citing incompetence, lack of credibility, and accusing the 81-year-old head of Mocha Re of ‘wilful blindness’. 

RISKbitz: Rare species of broker discovered in EC3    
The Grizzled Placur is now only found in a small corner of the EC3 district. Its habitat – dirty old pubs - has suffered from gastronomy, designer encroachment and conversion of land for offices and Starbucks.  

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