View replay of Reactions’ Big Data Webcast

View replay of Reactions’ Big Data Webcast

Reactions held a webcast called Big Data and Analytics in Insurance on August 9, in association with Tata Consultancy Services.

Frank Diana, Big Data and Analytics Guru at Tata Consultancy Services, and Matt Josefowicz, managing director of Novarica, shared examples, insight and technology that are enabling companies to view and act on Insights to capture growth and market share.

View a replay of the webcast and download the presentation here: 

Increasing volume and detail of information captured by enterprises, the rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet are all fuelling an exponential growth in data. In these times of data explosion, a key basis of competitive advantage that will underpin growth and customer satisfaction for insurers will be their ability to leverage analytical tools against these large volumes of internal and external as well as structured and unstructured data.

At its core, using Big Data effectively is about crafting a business use case. How do you translate huge amounts of data from disparate internal and external sources into a coherent means of solving a business need?

This isn't a question that many insurers have been able to answer, nor should they expect to - at least without the assistance of Big Data experts. However, as with many technologies just coming into their own, these situations are less than clear, with the murkiness compounded by unnecessary, buzzword-based hype.

The majority of insurers today are only beginning to explore how new data collection and processing technologies can improve their business outcomes. As they wade deeper into the field, most will discover that Big Data is emerging as a mature technology with applications to a variety of business challenges.

During this webcast, these topics were discussed:

* What are the most compelling business opportunities that Insurers can address with Big Data?
* How do I make sense out of all this on an actionable basis?
* How will Big Data impact the way we do business in 2012 and 2015?
* Can Insurers gain a competitive advantage by being early adopters?
* How to leverage tools like Hadoop to put your customer data into action to increase customer centricity
* How can Insurers take advantage of the collaborative, contextual and predictive benefits of big data?

Obtaining these deep insights requires both a strong technology partner with deep business insight to enable actionable analytics to use the Big Data capabilities successfully. TCS is a leading global technology company with a strong Big Data practice and understands the difficulty organizations are facing with this ascending technology and can help clear the hype from the reality. 

View a replay of the webcast and download the presentation here: 

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