Willis broker for Bloodhound supersonic car

Willis broker for Bloodhound supersonic car

Willis will place the insurance cover for one of specialty motor insurance’s riskier projects – the Bloodhound SSC – which in September will seek to break the world record for land speed.

bloodhoundWith an RAF fighter jet pilot – wing commander Andy Green (pictured, stood left) – at the controls, the SSC will attempt an 800mph (1,287kph) record attempt, in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.

Then in 2016 the team will try to once more break the land speed record by driving the SSC up to 1,000mph – making the car potentially one third faster than the previous record holder – the biggest jump in land speed record history.

“Managing every aspect of risk, from the build and testing of the engine and car through to the world land speed record attempt, is fundamental to the success of this unique initiative,” said Nicolas Aubert, CEO of Willis GB (pictured, stood right).

“Willis is immensely proud to be a partner to the Bloodhound project team, helping them to manage risk and realise their ambitions on this unique and innovative project,” said Aubert.

“This is all about resilience at 1,000 miles per hour,” said Adam Piper, Willis’s lead broker on the programme. “Developing a tailored and comprehensive risk and insurance programme to meet the evolving requirements of this inspiring engineering adventure demands an analytical approach to risk.

“Willis and our London insurance partners are closely aligned with the Bloodhound project’s risk management philosophy – this is critical to ensure success,” he added.

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