Trellis Tower skyscraper planned for London EC3 - FREE

Trellis Tower skyscraper planned for London EC3 - FREE

Trellis portraitA new 73 floor skyscraper is to be built on the site currently occupied by the Aviva Tower at 1 Undershaft in London’s EC3 insurance district.

At 294.6m above ground level, the new building will rival the Shard and be taller than the recently announced 22 Bishopsgate office block.

Designed by architect Eric Parry, the new rectangular building has already been dubbed the Trellis because it will have strips of white vitreous enamel overlaid with big bronze coloured X-shaped struts to stiffen the structure.

Concept pictures of the future structure can be found here.

The Aviva Tower will be demolished to make way for the new development opposite the Gherkin and facing Lloyd’s.

Singaporean tycoon Kuok Hong Khoon and Chinese Indonesian businessman, Martua Sitorus are the owners.

The new mega tower will have a public space around and under it, a free public viewing gallery at the top, which can be accessed by lifts, and the highest restaurant in the capital.

“In a departure from the frantic shapes of the last decade, this building is rectangular or nearly so, tapering almost imperceptibly as it rise,” said the architecture correspondent of The Observer newspaper.

“At the bottom, most of the building lifts off the ground, to create a generous wall-less hall that allows views between the churches of St Helen’s Bishopsgate and St Andrew Undershaft.”

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