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  • M&A covers: After the happy ending

    Plenty of excitement surrounds news of a merger or acquisition, but often only part of the story ever makes it into the press.

  • Editor's comment: Dazed and confused

    If the actors of today’s re/insurance market were transposed into the setting of a 1980s high school movie, the plot would definitely be Prom Night.

  • “Don’t wallow” Greenberg tells Chubb - FREE

    Comment: Chubb held an employee meeting on July 20 to discuss its merger deal with Ace, with a guest speaker: Ace’s chairman and CEO Evan Greenberg, who told staff to work with Ace to build on their company’s success.

  • Editor's comment: Who’s next to get married?

    Comment: Whether its brokers, insurers or reinsurers, companies are currently coupling up like amorous teens at a high school dance.

  • Editorial - overcapitalised or not?

    Is the reinsurance sector overcapitalised, or is it instead a case of the world being underinsured?

  • XL and Catlin agree deal

    XL and Catlin have agreed terms for a takeover that should close in the first half of 2015

  • Fosun agrees to buy Meadowbrook

    Chinese holding company Fosun Intl has agreed to buy US insurer Meadowbrook for $433m

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