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  • Small business, big exposure

    Ransomware attacks: A million-dollar threat for SMEs.

  • Senior reporter comment: After Brexit - FREE

    It’s no exaggeration to say that in London on the morning of Friday June 24, there was an outbreak of grief, heartbreak and tears, following the news that Brexit had triumphed in the referendum and the UK was set to leave the EU.

  • Reactions April digital issue online now!

    This month's magazine issue celebrates 35 years of Reactions, plus features on terrorism, Iran sanctions, reinsurance broking and the run-off market.

  • Editor's comment: Women leaders talk D&I - FREE

    Reactions asks leading women in re/insurance about diversity and inclusion in the industry, what it's doing wrong, and what it needs to do to get it right.

  • Editor's comment: Dazed and confused

    If the actors of today’s re/insurance market were transposed into the setting of a 1980s high school movie, the plot would definitely be Prom Night.

  • Editor's comment: Who’s next to get married?

    Comment: Whether its brokers, insurers or reinsurers, companies are currently coupling up like amorous teens at a high school dance.

  • JLT outlines 2015 risks

    Broker JLT has warned that a number of risks are likely to grow in 2015, including sovereign default,

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